Chapter 1

Alright, so what do I do now? I came up with this bold idea about creating a project that can bring us Inspired Bums to work together and actually accomplish some shit. Everybody was telling me there was only one way to do it, work your way up and slave away and some big corp. Then you'll get your promotion and you'll be good. ( Ya.. maybe after like 12 years…). I had this feeling that I didn't want to be owned. Internship after internship I worked at, I saw older people working jobs that they were stuck doing and were so unhappy. (Worked with someone that had to take a cig break like every 30 minutes just to keep himself going… ya its rough out there..) I go online and I see all the resources that we now have that our parents didn't. I see all the doors that are now open because of the internet. I see barriers falling to the ground, and people want us to go back to fighting our way through some iron gate trying to enter an already old failing company working for over entitled pricks? Ya i'm going to at least try option A and see if that works out.. Before life kicks me in the ass again.. But who's counting at this point.. Anyway.. I knew I had to try something but reality kicked back in real quick. I got student loans and tons of other stuff to pay for coming out of college, I didn't know anybody in the space, and on top of that its fu*! terrifying… I sulked for a while. Not knowing what I'm doing while being stuck inside with a whole ass pandemic going on… Anxiety hit that all time high when the pandemic killed my job and even internship opportunities… Nobody wanted no one. Then it finally hit my dumbass… If there was ever a time to start this thing, it would be now. I couldn't consume myself with other ideas because there were none, nobody was hiring. Also, family couldn't say anything to me because.. As I said.. NoBOdy WaS HiRiNg... Realized that I literally had nothing to lose and got to work. Sometimes you need life to kick you in the ass to get back and clear your head. We jumble so many of our thoughts together that we run in a loop. COVID broke that loop for me. Got me focused on a few things and eliminated all the petty real world distractions. Learn from me.. It is absolutely necessary for people like us. We think we are not capable, in reality we just can't clear our heads enough to focus on those few things. Distract the demons just a little to actually do what we gotta get done. Sooo ya... that's the plan.

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