Chapter 0

When we came back to school for our senior year of university, all of our professors boasted about how amazing it was going to be. You know, all the typical nonsense about how we were going to be entering the real world and all the things that we could accomplish and how we could be leaders in the free world yada yada yada. (okay he didn't actually say “The Free World”.. It just sounds more dramatic) I'm there sitting, eating my cheez-its hearing what my mans had to say. At that moment I was thinking of three things.


One, I can't believe I actually made it on time to my 8:00 AM class

Two, am I really eating Cheez-its for breakfast?

Three, damn.. It really is my senior year and I have no idea what I'm doing.


The professor grabbed my attention again when I heard the word “Job” Because let's be honest, that's all we care about. He goes on talking about how we are so lucky and that we are entering a booming job market. Yup, he said that in the fall of 2020… Clearly that didn't age well. I'm not saying our professors should have known a pandemic was coming, but don't hype me up just to let me down. Life already does a good job of that for me already.


Obviously I went back home that day and contemplated my whole life. It wasn't that I wasn't inspired, or didn't care. I just also liked doing nothing. Procrastination was something that came very easy to me. We were practically best friends to be honest. But that killed me inside because there really was a lot I wanted to accomplish and every day that went by made my goals seemed less likely to happen. Everybody is preaching fast money and success nowadays. After many failed projects, I realized that route was all a lie, just a facade that was placed to keep us all watching them when we needed to be focusing on ourselves. Real accomplishments that we are proud of takes time. It's a long, hard, stressful journey but god damn it, it seems worth it. So this is Inspired Bum. Its the honest journey that we go through to hopefully be happy and accomplish all we are capable of. Is it going to be efficient? No. Is it going to be easy? No. But at least we can figure this shit out together. Because I still like to sit out, bool, and relax, but I'd much rather do it on a yacht than in my parents basement...

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